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About us

Chietón Morén is a museum and store in San José, Costa Rica, in which we, artisans and artisans, from indigenous communities in Costa Rica, display and sell our products.

The project was born from the Brunka indigenous community years ago, with the support of the CEDI, Dominican Research Center. Today, we are around 250 artisans and artisans from eight different ethnic groups in the country.

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Make visible the cultural wealth of the original peoples of the Coast  Rich and encourage fair dealing for the sale of your art 



The idea is to show what is hidden in the country, which is what we feel, our rich culture, traditions, art and crafts are not only part of the history of Costa Rica, they are still present in our eight communities. We are perhaps around 100,000 people. We are not many but this should not be a reason to ignore us or treat us as the second inhabitants of this country. We are proud of our culture and the way we live today.  

This is what we want to show in our museum and keep the sales of our crafts

¨Chietón Morén¨ means ¨ fair treatment¨ in Brunka language. That is exactly what we want. Chietón Morén is about identity and dignity.

Our museum

This small museum has a display of our eight different communities. The visitor can find information about our culture, our way of life, our crafts and how we make them. This is not a history museum, it is not academic. It is a direct meeting and an invitation. They will read what we - in our own words  - We want you to know about us. The design was done in collaboration with the National Museum staff. There is a very precise map of Costa Rica that indicates our territories. You will find the information you need in case you want to visit us. It's a pleasure!

Free entrance.

Our Market

Sales are direct, from producer to consumer. Nobody apart from the artisans and artisans, receives any profit from the sales in the store. The store works only with volunteers, who are in charge of the complete management of the project. Sales prices include a small commission; in addition to the price defined by the artisans to help us pay for greatly reduced operating costs.

Each object has a small label with the name of the artisan and the territory from which it comes. So, if you want to take, as a souvenir or gift, something beautiful, original, authentic and affordable, Chietón Morén is the place to be. 

Each community establishes a commission of artisans from Chietón Morén with only two specific tasks:

Participation mechanism
of indigenous territories in the store 

Once a month, Chietón Morén takes an inventory of sales, sends a report via email or text message to each community, and pays each person directly into their personal bank accounts.

  • Summon openly and publicly all the artisans of the community for the integration of the Chietón Morén committee.

  • Certify that the products that will be exhibited in Chietón Morén.

       -Responding to the tradition of their culture
       -They belong to indigenous artisans of their communities      -They are not resale products


There is a commitment from the CEDI (Dominican Research Center) to supervise and audit Chietón Morén to ensure its transparent administration.

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