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The visitor will be able to get a first idea of the richness and cultural diversity of the indigenous people that exist in the country.



The sale of handicrafts is direct: from the artisan, to the client, without intermediaries.

Neither the store, nor the association, nor the volunteers make a profit for this service they provide. The Chietón Morén Museum and Market is sustained thanks to the work of volunteering: a group of volunteers, mostly pensioners and students who carry out their University Community Work (UCW)

The sale price of each product includes a small percentage with which the operating costs (electricity, water, patents, bags, cleaning) are paid, which are minimal.

Products Show 

More than 250 artisans participate in the Chietón Morén Museum and Market, each of them exhibiting their original and unique work. The inventory has more than 3,500 different products 

For this reason we can only give you here a small sample of the type of jobs and the price range. Do not forget to note that many of these works are unique pieces.

We invite you to visit this exhibition by clicking on the "cart"

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