Dreamcatcher workshop with Magdalena Villanueva
Dreamcatcher workshop with Magdalena Villanueva

Malecu Drum Painting Workshop
Malecu Drum Painting Workshop

Huetar basketry workshop
Huetar basketry workshop

Dreamcatcher workshop with Magdalena Villanueva
Dreamcatcher workshop with Magdalena Villanueva



The Chietón Morén Museum and Market also offers the organization of workshops on a monthly basis, this consists of making contact with an artisan belonging to one of the 18 indigenous territories with which the museum works, in order to provide a workshop to a group of maximum 20 people, to teach them step by step the elaboration of some crafts typical of the region they come from, for example ceramic or cabuya crafts. The cost of the workshop experience is ₡ 9000 per person and includes the materials to make the crafts, a traditional snack of the area and the explanation to make the crafts by the indigenous craftsman.

Some of the workshops that have been held consist of:
- Huetar basketry.
- Made in gourd.
- Chorotega ceramic.
- Térraba jewelery.
- Cabuya process.

It is also intended to increase the variety of workshops including processes with cocoa and the preparation of
dreamcatcher, among others.

Product and Service Description

-Museum tour cost: Free. A tour of the entire museum is made, providing information about each of the 24 indigenous territories (all of the country), while the crafts are shown and the way in which they were made is explained.


-Craft workshops: It consists of bringing a craftsman from one of the 18 indigenous territories in order to provide a step-by-step explanation of the development of some crafts typical of that indigenous area.


-Postcards: Consists of printing 1,000 postcards, with a unique design that tourists keep as souvenirs, in which the tourism agency can place a stamp with their logo. In addition, the card has a message indicating your support for the project, written in Spanish, English, French and German.


- Wholesale sales: When buying a high quantity of products in order to promote the tourism agency with clients, or use them as decorations or as a means of incentive for collaborators, an agreement can be reached to obtain a discount according to what was bought. Depending on the quantity, a discount can be provided.

Talks and conversations

The association also offers talks and discussions on native populations of Costa Rica, facilitated by indigenous people specialized in the subject. They are aimed mainly at student groups, tourism agencies, institutions or companies. They can be requested in English or Spanish.

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